Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Panic S1E3

 Ooh a parade. What a shitty town. Bishop and Leila? Are Heather and Bishop a thing?

The sheriff's having an affair. 

We get a clue about Abby Clarke. Is Dodge's mom using the sheriff? 

So Dodge graduated but he's pretending to be in high school so he can play. Natalie offers to team up with him to split the winnings. She also made Heather the same offer, and is pissed at Heather's extra points. I really don't like Nat. 

So Judge Moore- could he be one of the judges? 

They have to break into Spurlock's farm- I remember something similar from the book- so all these kids have to break into one place? Ooh through a cornfield. I guess Heather/ Dodge/ Nat are all a team. So there are booby traps all over. 

Heather, don't trust bitch Nat. 

I kinda like Ray? He and Heather need to get together. 

Oh, this dude is screwed,  

 Okay Heather does not dig Ray. 

 Dude's shooting. There's a trapdoor in a cornfield? 

She shoulda ran. 


  1. Sounds fun...but I'm sure I would panic.

  2. I'm not familiar with this series but it sounds like a pretty wild ride!

  3. Still didn't get to it... Actually forgot about it! Thanks for the update Greg.

    Elza Reads

  4. Ok. I'm definitely going to watch this on my run this afternoon. I've been curious.

  5. This town is so messy, my goodness. Obviously I agree about Heather and Ray. And Natalie, she made me so MAD. Like some team, huh?