Thursday, May 20, 2021

Fear #28

Morbius is shot! And while he bleeds out Martine is at police HQ trying to defend him. She insists that the other vampire they captured- the one hissing in the background- couldn't have been created by Morbs, because he doesn't pass on vampirism. There are rumors, though, of the house Morbius and Martine were staying- rumors of it being haunted. Our man Stroud is skeptical but still decides to look into. 

Morbius, meanwhile, wakes up to realize that he is healed! All signs of his gunshot wound have disappeared, and he speculates that perhaps his blood disorder has, in addition to vampirism, gives him strange healing abilities. Seems sketchy. Anyway he sees what he thinks is Martine in the old house and pursues her, but it turns out to be... something else. This is where it gets weirdo. Stroud goes to a sanatorium to talk to the old woman who lived in the house- and claimed that it was haunted- and she says there is a portal or gateway to a hellish dimension- and that changelings have already come through. And it appears that a changeling is what Morbius is facing right at that moment! 

The changelings appear as whatever will terrify a person at any given moment- or what one expects to see. Morbius battles his way through a bunch of one-eyed spirits, and the last one tells him he must confront Helleyes- the master of the weirdo dimension. Stroud, meanwhile, returns to the mansion and is drawn into madness as well, while Morbs faces off against Helleyes and makes a fateful decision. 

 This one was kinda weird. 


  1. Haha, the one-eyes spirits on the cover look like fun monsters to duel with. *chortles* But seriously, Morbs getting strange healing abilities is all good -- because that means he can drink blood AND then cure the victim. All problems solved! 😂