Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Amazing Adventures #19

Amazing Adventures takes the War of the Worlds concept and brings it to Marvel comics (circa the seventies) with an ongoing story set in the future. Well, their future since we're obviously in 2020 now and this starts out in 2018! The hero of the story is Killraven, the guy on the cover who leads a band of Freemen against the Martians. The story is set in the ruins of New York City after the invasion. 

So. It's 2018 and our hero Killraven is leading the resistance against the Martians! Here he faces off against the Sirens but their wiles don't work against him for whatever reason. Although there are still mutants lurking around Grand Central station for him to battle. Luckily he gets help from companions M'Shulla and Hawk- but no sooner are the mutants done for then a tripod shows up. Lots of fighting. 

Later they come across a slave ferry and they of course liberate the cargo- and the ferry- and are heading for Staten Island when another tripod appears. They can't catch a breather. Meanwhile, we see a Martian for the first time- ugly thing- and one of the human traitors - Kempleton- is revealed. No sooner does Killraven make it back to camp then he finds himself confronting Skarlet, the queen of the Sirens. She has taken care of his men. And captures him in short order. 

The overlords want him alive for their gladiatorial games so he's taken to Madison Square Garden which is now simply the Arena. There he's forced to fight, but with M'Shulla's help (who was also captured) they escape, and begin to rally the people. 

"After centuries of trying to tame the world, we had finally learned to accept it-- to live with our planet, instead of off it."

Um, dude. It's 2020 (for real) and we (some of us) still haven't learned that. Anyway... Killraven tells M'Shulla and the others the truth about what happened, how the Martians conquered Earth. He declares that the Martians may have started the war but mankind will conclude it!  


  1. This sounds like a fun vintage comic! I love Marvel, and enjoyed War of the Worlds. I'm glad you had a good time with this one Greg!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. I had that same thought when I read the quote you shared . . . Sad reality, isn't it? It's an interesting vintage comic, though.

  3. I love the blend of Marvel with War of the Worlds. What fun!