Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Girls #12

Girls #12

Another awesome issue. 

I like how the group is split up so not everyone knows what's happening. Anyway, Wes' group argues over what to do- go after the captured Molly and Shelly or bug out to the McAllisters, and Wes decides to go in. Meanwhile at the McAllisters the aftermath is being felt- Sally and Chester are coming to grips with what they did, and while Ying-Ma is being a selfish bitch, she does crack me up.  

"Who you think you are? You people come to my house, eat all my food, shit in my broken toilet. What else you want from me?"

Um, okay. Meanwhile, three of the "girls" are still alive, and an argument breaks out over what to do with them. Ted and Nancy have differing views, to say the least. Seth steps up- he won't touch the "girls". 

"Guys. I'm sort of... gay."
"Sort of?" says Nancy. 
"But Seth, what about those times we-- are you sure you're fully gay?" Alexis wants to know. 
"Look, we've all experimented a little, haven't we? I-I was curious, confused... but I'm okay now." Seth assures her. 

Nancy's like fuck it, though- if you have male parts, you can't be trusted. And obnoxious as she is, she has a point. Also... the prisoners. Nancy wants to kill them and Ted is aghast. They can't just execute them... right? 

Back to the cornfield. Wes and crew make it to the sperm- thing and find the "girls" eating their dead prisoners. The live ones, though, are being taken into the sperm- thing. 

Girls #12


  1. I'm laughing over the conversation of whether Seth is "sorta gay" or "fully gay." LOL

  2. You're flying through these, and I can see why from the bits you quote. They really sound like fun.

  3. I can't even tell you how much I needed this today.

    I thank you for your service lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  4. LOL! These always sound like such a wild ride. Glad you're enjoying them.