Thursday, February 21, 2019

Comic of the Week #59

Tales of Suspense (2017-2018) #102

Comic of the Week has been on a long hiatus but I wanted to bring it back since I've been reading graphic novels and comics again. Every week I'm going to showcase a comic or GN cover- could be old, could be new- and share a few thoughts on why I think it's special. Do you like what I picked out? Let me know in the comments, and as always, if you have a favorite cover or piece of comic art, let me know! 

This week is Tales of Suspense #102 featuring Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier. 

This was a pretty good series detailing the search by Hawkeye and Winter Soldier for a missing Black Widow. Someone is killing her old enemies and it looks like her work- but supposedly she's dead? Hawk thinks she's still alive, Winter Soldier is not as sure, but they team up to find out. The results are pretty hilarious, as these two don't exactly get along.