Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Davos III

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

This week we're taking a look at Davos and his continuing quest to bring the northmen into alliance with Stannis. so far he's not doing very well, with Salladhor Saan deserting the king and Davos being dumped off basically. But now he's in White Harbor to see Lord Manderly, who was a loyal bannerman of the Stark- so what kind of reception will Davos get? Let's take a look.

Davos is being held prisoner in White Harbor. He's not in a cell, his lodgings are nice but he can't go. After a fortnight or so he is brought before Lord Manderly, who is also entertaining the visiting Freys who have brought back the bones of his eldest son. He doesn't get a very good reception, Manderly seems hostile to him as do the Freys. Davos pleads his case for Stannis but is rebuffed- the only one who speaks for him is Wylla, the granddaughter of Manderly. She invokes the promise made years before when the Starks welcomed the Manderlys to the north and gave them lands. The Manderlys vowed to be Stark loyalists always. Wylla is sent from the hall and Davos is arrested.


It doesn't look good for Davos at this point, but this chapter is fascinating in that it gives insight into Manderly's court and we learn about the ties between Manderly and Stark. The Freys are obviously assholes and one wonders if other Manderlys share Wylla's views...


Theon (or Reek as he is apparently now ) is being sent into Moat Cailin to meet with the ironmen who still hold it. The ironmen are in rough shape, many are dead and they are under constant threat from the men of the Neck and their poisoned arrows. Theon convinces them to come out, only to find that they are slaughtered.


This is a pretty bleak chapter and we see again that there is no mercy in the Boltons. The Bolton forces meet up and Theon sees "Arya", who is being brought north to wed. Theon realizes immediately this is not the real Arya.

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