Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Secret of the Lost Tunnel

The boys search for long lost gold after the descendant of a Confederate general requests their aid. Along with Chet, whose passion this time is photography, they head to the South.  

As usual  the story start quickly. These are such a quick read, you can knock them out in a sitting or two, and there's always something happening. The boys and the general travel down to a southern town in an unnamed state, and begin their search. They are, of course, threatened at every turn by some nasty criminals, and find themselves in some hair raising situations. The general's forebear, Beauregard Smith, lived on a plantation which is now in ruins, and they must decipher various clues and avoid numerous pitfalls if they are to survive and find the treasure. The food is good in this one, and again seems to be presented in a southern flair (I had to look up pompano, wasn't familiar with it). There are the usual observations- the boys are good at everything they do.  

There are some good moments in this one. The girlfriends show up on the eve of their trip south, and bring over refreshments (soda pop!), and again these were written in a different time! Also they stop at a gas station and an attendant fills their gas. More Americana!  

So this one is good, a bit silly at times, probably average overall but it started off good and I had high hopes. It suffers a bit towards the end with some of the eye rolling moments, but it was a fun, quick read. Will the boys find long lost Civil War gold? You probably already know the glimpses into an earlier time are the draw for me, more than the mystery. 


  1. I don't remember reading this one. Your reviews are making me want to go to the library and check out some of the stories.

    "the boys are good at everything they do." - I remember being annoyed by this when I read the books. They were too darn perfect and yet I liked them anyway,

  2. I love mysteries from the past! I had planned on going to the library today but my driveway is a solid block of ice but hopefully I'll be able to go tomorrow. I will definitely have to look for this one!