Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Top Ten Places I'd Like to Eat Turkey

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This week is a Thanksgiving freebie- so I went with Top Ten Places I'd Like To Eat Turkey. 

1) Rivendell- Tolkien described Rivendell this way.

"Elrond's house was perfect, whether you liked food or sleep or story- telling or singing (or reading), or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all. "

Works for me! I can't think of a better place to have a turkey feast, and then laze it off afterwards. Listening to stories of the old days and the lore of the elves, before a roaring fire in the Hall of Fire perhaps. Here is what Gandalf says of the Hall of Fire.

"Here you will hear many songs and tales- if you can keep awake. But except on high days it usually stands empty and quiet, and people come here who wish for peace, and thought. There is always a fire here, all the year round, but there is little other light."

2) The Shire- -another Middle Earth pick. How could one not want to have a feast in the Shire? I would think that would be the hobbits' specialty. Maybe at Bag End, or at the Green dragon Inn.

Green Dragon Pub

3) Highgarden - seat of House Tyrell in Game of Thrones.

"You must see Highgarden. You'd love it there, I know you would. We have a great masquerade the night of the harvest moon... you should see the costumes, people work on them for months."

4) Winterfell- probably the polar opposite of Highgarden, certainly less luxurious, but still a great place to have a feast. More in the northern medieval- esque way, granted, but still... imagine a great steaming turkey in the smoky, high raftered Great Hall, with torches on the walls and dogs fighting over scraps. Okay maybe not the typical Thanksgiving- but the ale would be flowing, anyway...

5) Endor- the forest moon and home of the Ewoks. Okay I know the Ewoks suck, but their tree top villages are kinda cool. Might be a neat place for a feast and a hang out- or maybe Lothlorien would be a better choice if you want to eat among the trees.

The PRancing Pony in Bree. You just know a guy named Barliman Butterbur puts on a good feast...

Tree Town in Dinotopia.

Morning in treetown


  1. The Shire would be such fun! That was always my favorite place in the books and I loved the way the houses looked in the movies. Tree Town looks pretty great too! I love all the tree houses though I think I could do without the dinosaurs!

  2. Spending Thanksgiving at the Shire would be amazing! As would Rivendell...and probably Edoras too...and maybe Moria (if the Balrog never showed up)? Gimli painted a wonderful picture of dwarven hospitality...Of all the places in Westeros, I'd only hang out in Winterfell, partly because it's cold up there, haha. Great list!

    My TTT

  3. Dinotopia for thanksgiving would be too Awesome!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

  4. Wonderful locations. I'm fond of the Shire myself, as well as the 100 Acre Wood. Wonderful illustrations too :)

  5. HAHA I love your topic! I'd totally eat thanksgiving dinner in the shire. It's the perfect setting for that type of meal and you'd know there would be a lot of food :D

    Here is my TTT!

  6. I love this! I don't think I would want to leave Rivendell if I ever visited. I bet Thanksgiving in the Shire would be so much fun. I would love have Thanksgiving in a treehouse like any of the ones you shared. I've always wanted to visit Endor . . .

  7. These places sound amazing! Even though the quiet, simple places sound great, I could totally go for a good costume party. Maybe dinner at the Shire and party later? That's my plan :-P

  8. Ha this is fun!! I am in for Endor and those tree top villages!

  9. 100 Aker Wood would be a fun place to have a Thanksgiving meal.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for this week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2015/11/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-bookishbloggish.html

  10. Great places. 100 Aker Wood is my top pick!

  11. I adore all of the LotR places you picked, but I think my favorite would be The Shire. I'd love to settle in with a younger Bilbo and have a nice meal ♥ Rivendell would be excellent too, if only for the glorious setting! And YES The Prancing Pony! I would have added Lothlorien - I think it's my favorite place in Middle Earth and just thinking of being there makes me happy - and like you said: for the Tree-Tops...although Endor could be great too XD Awesome picks and happy hump day!

  12. Awesome post ... The Shire would be my pick, unless I could be guaranteed Jon Snow at Winterfell and then of course I'm there lol

  13. Yes, Thanksgiving with the Ewoks would be very memorable!