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Movies That Suck Mean Girls

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Movies That Suck is a feature where I watch a bad movie and share my reactions to it in real time. Sort of like live tweeting without the tweeting. I watch it so you don't have to! This will be spoilery I guess by definition, but since you probably won't want to watch these anyway it probably won't matter? But heads up anyways. So get comfortable, grab a favorite beverage, and let me tell you about a movie that sucks. 

This week is Mean Girls - which I have never seen. Really. My first time. And I'm told it's good! So yeah... let's check this baby out. Oh and thanks to Shannon at It Starts At Midnight for the recommendation of this one.   

So Cady (Lindsay Lohan) has been homeschooled and raised by her zoologist parents in Africa, but now they've settled in Illinois and Cady is going to high school! Lucky her. After almost getting hit by a bus on her first day, she proceeds to stumble her way through her first class, which includes crashing into her teacher Ms. Norbury (Tina Fey- yay). Having spilled her coffee all over herself, Ms. Norbury proceeds to remove her sweater, flashing her bra to the class as she does so. She seems pretty chill about it though, and now we meet the principal Mr. Duvall (Tim Meadows). Um, does he have a thing for Ms. Norbury? 

She soon makes friends with Janis and Damian, who proceed to fill her in on the cool girls- the Plastics. Seriously? Queen bee Regina (Rachel McAdams) and her pals Gretchen and Karen. Man it's so weird seeing Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried so young in this one! I kinda like Janis already. She helpfully points out the various cliques, including the "sexually active band geeks" which cracked me up. Ooh Cady of course meets the Plastics forthwith, and they are pretty shallow. Especially Karen who wants to know why Cady is white if she's from Africa??? 

Cady has a cru-ush *singsong*. Aaron in her math class. But shit he's Regina's ex! That's gonna be a problem. But she is totally hanging with the cool kids, they even go to the mall where *gasp* Gretchen sees a guy she likes with another girl. Regina fixes that problem by calling the girl's mom and telling her that her Planned Parenthood results are in. "She's not going out with anyone," proclaims Regina. Wow. And Amy Poehler's in this?? As a "cool" mom lol. Love it. 

Ooh there's a "burn book" where the Plastics rip on everyone. Janis is a dyke apparently according to the book *rolls eyes*. Janis wants her to steal it, and meanwhile Cady is crushing hard on Aaron. He invites her to his Halloween party, and I had to laugh at the "slut rule." Anyways... to no one's surprise Regina kisses Aaron and tells him all these lies about Cady, so that didn't go well. Cady decides to declare war, at Janis' urging. Ooh this should be good. 

Oh my gosh the talent show- stop. Jingle Bell Rock? The look on Cady's parents' faces as she gyrates up there with her new "friends"- awesome. You know this movie does have its moments. Okay the plan is back on after Gretchen breaks down and spills some of Regina's secrets to Cady. And they manage to break up Regina and Aaron! Or Cady does after telling Aaron that Regina has been cheating. I kinda like how Cady is sorta becoming a bad girl here, playing the game? Oh and did Amy Poehler just ask Regina and the guy she's making out with if they need a condom? 

So Regina is gaining weight now thanks to the Swedish "weight loss" bars Cady hooked her up with. And I love the four way phone convos (although that would be texting now) where they lie to each other- Cady is doing a bang- up job sabotaging the Plastics. She is now the queen bee! Is she as bad as them? Janis tells her off and oh shit- Regina discovers what the "weight loss" bars really do. It's war. She gives the burn book to principal Duvall and then spreads copies of the pages all over the school. Fun! 

So it's a brawl. School- wide. Pretty entertaining actually And then they have an assembly, where Ms. Norbury shames them all into understanding that they should be in this thing together, not sniping at each other all through high school. Aww...  although it is a good message, obviously. And everyone apologizes to each other in a scene that would never really happen, but at least Janis gets her dig in on Regina. I wonder how much of that would be different if the movie were made today, considering the changes in attitude towards LGBT rights in the last decade? Would the fact that Janis is gay even be an issue? Anyone in high school wanna weight in? 

But wait! Oh my gosh did Regina JUST GET HIT BY A BUS? *sputter* what... is she dead? She's gotta be, cause splat! But... she's not??? And Cades is worried about going to school the next day because everyone hates her- umm why would there even BE school the day after THAT shit? I mean a brawl and a bus killing queen bee. Or not killing... does she even feel bad??? Okay she fesses up to smearing Ms. Norbury as a drug dealer, and they're all good... as long as she joins Mathletes. She gets to miss Spring Fling too, the big dance. 

But- they win the math competition and make it to Spring Fling anyway! Time to rock this thing and make it right, and Cady does after winning Spring Fling queen. And ooh we get the obligatory updates on where everyone went. Let's see- Regina joins lacrosse and is a boss, Karen uses her, um, talents to announce weather, and Gretchen has a new clique- the cool Asians! Aaron goes to Northwestern and is seeing Cady- awww- and there are Junior Plastics now! A new clique hath arisen! And they're promptly taken out by bus. Just kidding. 

Bonus points for the credits song, a cover of Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol, done by The Donnas. Enjoy. 

The Oracle Queen

The Oracle Queen (Three Dark Crowns #0.1)

Wow. What a story. I'm not sure what to say about this one, other than to read it. Especially if you're a fan of the series. It's not technically necessary to read this to enjoy the larger series, but it will add a lot to the background- and we finally get to see the truth of the oracle queen story that has been referenced a few times. And it's a doozy. Much like the other Three Dark Crowns novella The Young Queens, this one shows us a youthful Mirabella, Arsinoe and Katherine- but only for the prologue. The rest of the novella tells us the story of Queen Elsabet, the last of the oracle queens. 

Elsabet seems like a fine ruler, young and inexperienced, but there are currents of treachery all around her, and the machinations and political intrigue in the story will be very familiar to fans of the Three Dark Crowns books. In a lot of ways this reminds me of Game of Thrones, for the absolutely ruthless way alliances are made and betrayals are hatched. The story of Elsabet is a cautionary tale in the time of Mirabella and her sisters, a warning against the paranoia of a sight gift gone awry. After all girls with the sight gift now are drowned, so whatever Elsabet did must have been bad? After all, she is said to have killed three houses on that infamous day. 

This novella give us the story of that day, and I thought it was really powerful to go back and read the prologue after finishing it. The prologue is from Mirabella's perspective and finds her musing on the tale of Elsabet, which her and her sisters have learned just that day. Mirabella wonders how much of the story is true, and as I mentioned above, this novella gives us that information. I can say that this was gripping, even though it's mostly political intrigue- we already know from the main series how ruthless the factions are, and how not everything is as it seems- clearly this was the case five hundred years ago as well, in  Elsabet's era. And we get some insights into other aspects of Fennbirn's history, including the fact that the mist was not protecting Fennbirn yet at that time, and that their interactions with the outside world were very different. 

I can't recommend this enough. It's a good tale even if you've never read Three Dark Crowns, but for someone into the series it will add a lot. This makes me even more anxious for the next book! 


Not even sure where to start, there's so much to discuss here. I'll start by expressing my horror at the ending- I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, since we know how it ends, but to see what befell Elsabet made me mad! And if I didn't like the Arron house, I really don't like them now! I mean they're about as bad as house Lannister from Game of Thrones. I liked Elsabet, and was gutted when Bess was killed. And Jonathan's family... man, that was tough. What makes it even more galling is that in Mirabella's time, none of this is challenged- everyone believes that Elsabet went mad. It's enough to make me hope that in the main series someone sets the record straight! 

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Can't Wait Wednesday #19/ Midweek Stuff

 So here's a midweek round up of what I'm reading watching, etc. Plus Can't Wait Wednesday, hosted by Wishful endings. So sit back, raise a cuppa, and see what's new! And share what you're up to.  

This week my Can't Wait pick is The Underwater Ballroom Society - and this may be one of my favorite covers.  

The Underwater Ballroom Society

What I'm Reading

Blackfish City

What I'm Watching

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Misc Stuff

 This week Movies That Suck will feature Mean Girls  

Tuesday Tagline #88

The Reunion

They were all there the day your sister went missing. Who is lying? Who is next?  

Top Ten Frequently Used Words in Book titles


 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by 
That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week a new Top Ten list will be posted. Everyone is welcome to join. Link back so everyone can check out other bloggers' lists. It's a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers.

This week is Top Ten Frequently Used Words in Book Titles. I'm going to go with the word "girl" because it seems like so many books have that in the title. 

The Girl from the Sea

Bad Girls with Perfect Faces

The Girl on the Train

The Birthday Girl

A School for Unusual Girls (Stranje House, #1)

Dead Girls Society

I'm Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl

The Girls in the Garden

Lost Girls

A Map for Wrecked Girls

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Mini- Reviews

Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl by Julie Mulhern is a short in the Country Club Murders mystery series. It's a quick mystery with Ellison's housekeeper Aggie in the starring role, as she has to solve jewelry thefts that her new boyfriend is suspected of. Aggie will of course be familiar to anyone who reads the Country Club Murders, but even if you haven't this is a great introduction to the series. You get a different perspective on Ellison, the protagonist of the series, and that alone makes this a fun read! It never occurred to me to look at Ellison through Aggie's eyes. 

It's nice to see Aggie get the spotlight as well. She lost her husband to cancer and hasn't fully recovered, so when she meets Mac it takes her a while to let go and learn to live again. The story is short but heartwarming, and just makes me that much more anxious for the next Country Club book. Oh, and I expect that Mac will be showing up in the books as well, and his catering is enough to make a reader hungry!  

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Orbiter 9 is a movie on Netflix about a woman named Mie who is on a solo mission to a new planet, but finds out her mission is not entirely as she thought it was. Her parents died to give her enough oxygen to survive the trip, and she meets a rendezvous point where an engineer can come aboard and make repairs. The engineer, Alex, is the first human she's seen in her life, and she falls for him (rather quickly), but he knows things about the mission she doesn't. When he tells her certain things it changes both of their lives in unforeseen ways. 

I liked this a lot. It was just an impulse watch but I highly recommend - it's a Spanish production so I watched in subtitles, but it's well done and kept me hooked. I had to know what would happen to Mie! Her and Alex were great and I felt for them as they had to navigate a minefield of obstacles. This is a great science fiction film!

Image result for the chalet netflix

The Chalet is a six part French series appearing on Netflix. I devoured this one in record time due to the awesome nature of the premise- a bunch of friends who grew up together and their significant others come together at a village in the French Alps for a wedding. Unfortunately there are dangerous secrets in the background and after all access to the village is cut off, murders happen. It's kind of slow to get going but once it does I couldn't stop watching. And it has what may be the creepiest title sequence ever? Judge for yourself. 

Seriously... watch this one. 

New Year Book Tag

Pf 2018, New Year, Happy New Year, New

I was tagged by Anna at Adventures With A Book Nerd (thanks Anna!!!) and this is a fun one. 

1) Are there any books you started in 2017 that you still need to finish? 

I have a few- Barbary Station is probably going to be DNF'd, and a few others I've set aside. 

Barbary Station (Shieldrunner Pirates, #1)

2) Do you have an autumnal book to transition to the end/ beginning of the new year? 

Not really. I'm a mood reader so I go with the flow, but occasionally I do read a seasonal book. I like urban fantasy or spookier stuff in the fall, for example. 

3) Is there a new release you're still waiting for from 2017? 

I don't think so? I do have tons of 2018 releases I'm looking towards though!

4) What are three books you want to read before the end of 2018? 

Ooh can't WAIT for Record of a Spaceborn Few and the next Murderbot book!

Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3)Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries, #3)

5) Have you already made reading plans for 2018? 

I don't really do resolutions or anything, and I'm skipping challenges, but I do want to read more fantasy and SF this year. 

6) Who do you tag? 

I tag LaLA at LaLa in the Library, Jolene over at Jo's Book Blog, and Lee at Rally The Readers

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Sunday Post #242

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It's been another cool week, with temps barely edging into the 50's and most of the week colder than that. Um, where is spring?? It's not funny anymore. Anyway this week it's supposed to be mostly 50's, so I guess... that's something? *grumble* The reading was better than the weather, luckily for me. Oh and if you're interested I was interviewed over at Jenn and Ash's awesome blog JennReneeReads. You can find the post here. Thanks you guys!!!     

My Movies That Suck post this past week was The Mist. I'm taking suggestions by the way, so if you have a movie you'd like to see let me know? You know, even if they don't suck. The next installment, by the way, is going to be Mean Girls. And this one was a suggestion (thanks Shannon!!) That'll be on Thursday.     

I'll also be reviewing The Oracle Queen this week and on Monday will have some mini- reviews, including a movie on Netflix- Orbiter 9. Hope everyone has an awesome week! 

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