Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Top Ten Books I Really Liked But Can't Remember Much


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This week is Top Ten Books I really liked but can't remember much. Wow that's a mouthful. This one was tough and I decided to tweak it a bit- so here are the books I might re- read either because some of the details are fuzzy, or I just want to revisit.. So here's my take.     

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)

I may have to revisit Catching Fire at some point because I love the second Hunger Games in this one- plus Kat and Finnick as allies? Yes please.  

The Girl from the Sea

I remember LOVING the twist. 

Panic (Panic, #1)

I remember most of this, and while it's not a perfect book I liked the idea of the various dares. I should re- read this actually. 

Radio Silence

This is another one I might re- read. 

Sanctuary Bay


The Blue

Another one I wouldn't mind revisiting just to refresh the details. 

The Castafiore Emerald (Tintin, #21)

These are always worth a revisit. 

Eight Hundred Grapes

This one sticks in my mind so I must have liked it :) 

The Girls in the Garden

There's a chilling story here amongst all the pastoral scenery. 

Big Little Lies

One of my favorite books for the humor, in spite of the serious undercurrent. 

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

I've re- read this a few times and frankly there's so much going on in it. 

Lost Girls

I can see reading this one again 

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sunday Post #229

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It's been cold and snowy here all week again, but we're supposed to warm up this weekend. The sun is out though as I write this (Thursday afternoon) so that's something. At least it melts the ice. I read a few books this week, including What Alice Knew and I'm in the middle of The Extinction Trials. I've also been watching Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime and taking a break from Longmire to watch Godless on Netflix. And Riverdale returned this week.   

Last week I reviewed The Birthday Girl and The Young Queens. Both were great. This week will be The River at Night and my review for The Woman in the Window will be along soon. Short version: they're both great!          

The Birthday GirlThe River at NightThe Young Queens (Three Dark Crowns, #0.5)The Woman in the WindowThe Extinction Trials (The Extinction Trials, #1)

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What Alice KnewThe Vault of Dreamers (The Vault of Dreamers, #1)


I've been wanting to rewatch Catching Fire ever since reading the books. This is the bomb. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl looked like a psychological thriller that would appeal to me, given the atmospheric cover and the premise, but I was initially a bit disappointed. I was a little underwhelmed with the set-up, it seemed a little obvious as to what was happening, and if you read the synopsis it seems clear, at least initially, who the antagonist will be. So I considered DNF'ing and ultimately went with skim reading sections of it, but then at about forty percent of the way through something happened and I was hooked. From that point on the story definitely had my attention! 

Carys is a woman with a secret, something from her past that she's ashamed of, and when she is invited to an adventure weekend type of birthday party, it looks like her secret (and maybe those of her friends as well) may get spilled. Her, Andrea and Zoe have been invited by their prickly friend Joanne to spend a weekend at a remote location, sans cell phones naturally, and while initially they feel like maybe Joanne is going to use the opportunity to clear up some lingering issues, it soon becomes apparent the opposite is in fact true. Old resentments lingering under the surface come out, and things start to get tense when Joanne does questionable things, but nothing can prepare them for what actually happens. 

Like I said I was initially underwhelmed, the set-up seemed way too obvious, and I was like would people really be this dumb, to give up their phones and go along with this? But beneath the rather implausible beginning is a smart tale of what happens when friendships go wrong- and don't we all have friendships that have problems? Misunderstandings and resentments are of course one thing, but here there is something that happened that the parties involved have very different takes on, and once the first twist happens I thought we were veering into unreliable narrator territory. Seriously everyone is suspect at some point in this story, and while a twist at the end seemed a little too obvious, the twist after that was a shocker. And the story ends on a pretty dark note. 

So I'm glad I stuck with this book. Yeah I skimmed a few passages but partly that was because I couldn't wait to get to the next twist, or to see what happened after this or that occurrence. There was even a surprise POV added into the mix that further muddied the waters. All in all this was a twisty thriller that overcame a slow start and provided a satisfying end.