Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sunday Post #192

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Nice week- lots of sun and 70's. Is spring finally here? I spent a lot of time outside. Then it got all rainy and windy. I read quite a bit as well. I've also started watching Travelers on Netflix and I freakin love that show! Totally awesome- but the cliffhanger was killer. Now I have to wait...  

Every once in a while you find a show that clicks, and Travelers definitely fits the bill. Continuum was that way for me too, and 12 Monkeys as well. All three are great shows (and they're all about time travel... hmm). Otherwise I'm still watching Riverdale... and still reading psychological thrillers. I'm finishing up Missing by Kelley Armstrong and hope to start I Found You soon. 

I reviewed Gemina and Dead Girls Society this past week.  Next week is Blood Tide or Missing- maybe both? 

Gemina (The Illuminae Files, #2)Blood Tide (Paula Maguire, #5)Gone Without a TraceDead Girls Society

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VICE-COP #pulp #art #noir #cover:


MissingI Found You


Bloodline S3 is coming Memorial Day. Here's a look.   

Here's a look at my latest bingewatch. 

Here's a fun look at Riverdale with Cheryl


Cyber Girl 

Cyber Girl. Neorun by SergeyZabelin
this one is worth clicking on- the details are kinda cool. Notice the view out the windows

Floating Island Day by SergeyZabelin