Friday, February 12, 2016

Sunday Post #129

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

 This week has been cold with wind chills getting close to zero at times. Got a bit of snow too but nothing major. I finished a book this week and almost finished another, so my reading is back on track. Didn't watch much other than The 100 (last weeks episode) which rocked. That show is back on track too. 


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Sanctuary BayThe Immortals (Olympus Bound #1)


The ereader junkie shares Part 5 of her library posts.  

The Hardcover Lover reviews Rebel Bully Geek Pariah. 

Listful Booking asks how do you manage your TBR. 

Candace's Book Blog reviews The Killing Jar

The Super Bowl trailer for Captain America: Civil War debuted last week.  

And so did the trailer for the new Jason Bourne movie.  

And... since we're talking the return of Bourne here is the awesome theme song from Moby. 

Here's a clip from one of my favorite films.

Bookcover Spotlight #35

The Snows of Ganymede

Just in time for February- a title with snow. I love the image with another moon (?) looming in the background.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Beyond the Books


Beyond the Books is a meme hosted by KissinBlueKaren where every week she throws out a topic to discuss. Link up at her blog and get to know your fellow bloggers!

This weeks topic: Do People In Your Real Life Know You Blog? 

Yes most people in my life know I blog, although they don't all know what blogging is or what it entails! Some people sometimes ask "So what do you do on your blog, exactly?" I always smile (instead of rolling my eyes) and explain as best I can. Friends occasionally stop by and check it out, but for the most part it's a separate thing from "real life". 

As much time as blogging takes, I sometimes wonder what I did before this in my free time. It certainly wasn't TV- I watch MORE TV now since other bloggers have got me trying this or that show. And discovering books I otherwise would never have tried... a nice fringe benefit. Talking books with people all over the world- that's the best thing about blogging, as far as I'm concerned.   

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Dance with Dragons

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

Welcome to my A Dance with Dragons re- read. This week we are reading Jon and Tyrion. Jon is continuing to consolidate his control over the Nights Watch, and making decisions that are unpopular with his men. He is also waiting to see what happens with Mance Rayder and the spearwives who went south to rescue "Arya" Stark- who we know is not really Arya. But who is she? Tyrion, meanwhile, is en route to Meereen with Jorah Mormont and Penny the dwarf girl. So... 

Jon is seeing off Val who is going north to try and find Tormund Giantsbane. Jon wants to form an alliance with Tormund if he can, and knows Stannis will not be happy if he finds out Jon sent Val north of the Wall. Val leaves and says she will return by the first night of the full moon. He knows the men are restless and not sure about his decisions, and sure enough Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck come to complain The men have concerns, Marsh tells him, and they debate the wisdom of Jon's decisions. 

We learn the giant's name is Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun, and Jon talks to him. Leathers is taking over as master-at-arms and Marsh is not happy about it. Pretty much every decision Jon makes they are not happy about, and to some extent you can see their point. Jon is going in new directions because he knows the stakes, but it's too much change too fast perhaps for the Nights Watch. Marsh asks him what he is offering Tormund, and Jon tells him that he wants Tormund to join them. 

Jon tells them about Mother Mole, a wildling woman who led some of the wildling survivors to Hardhome. A place of ill repute, where some catastrophe happened hundreds of years before. Jon thinks the wildlings there should be rescued, so they do not become enemies later, but Marsh is not convinced. 


Another chapter that appears to be set up for future events. Val is off to find Tormund, and Jon quarrels with Marsh about his decisions. Hardhome is introduced and we begin to see that Jon is ready to take any wildlings that will bolster his defenses and help them in the coming struggle. The men of the Nights Watch though may not be convinced... 


Tyrion and Penny are jousting on the pig and dog that are part of Penny's act, and Tyrion is humiliated, but they are trying to entertain the crew who are getting increasingly unruly. The ship is stuck with no wind and things are getting tense. Tyrion gets under Jorah's skin about Daenerys and Jorah hits him, knocking him sprawling. As he is talking to Penny the wind picks up, and they see a storm approaching from the west. The storm hits and Penny, frightened, kisses Tyrion.  

When they hit a lull in the storm Moqorro, the red priest, apparently calls forth a wind and green fire erupts from his staff. The rain and winds return and the mast is broken- when it's over the ship is crippled and drifting, and Moqorro is gone, swept overboard.  Eventually they spy a sail, and think they're saved... but Jorah says it's a slaver.  


This is an odd chapter, actually. I don't know what's going on with Moqorro- did he mean to get swept overboard (having seen in the flames that he is to turn up elsewhere) or was that just a consequence of his interacting with the storm? Who knows? The whole Tyrion and Penny thing is kinda ridiculous- Penny is not in the show and I can see why. Seems totally unnecessary. As good as this book  is, there is a lot of fluff- stuff like this. This is where the show overtook the books in some ways, eliminating extraneous stuff like this. Not my favorite chapter... 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new Top Ten list will be posted. Everyone is welcome to join. Link back to The Broke and the Bookish so everyone can check out other bloggers' lists. It's a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers.

This week's topic is Top Ten Valentine's Day Reads/ OTP's/ Crushes, etc. 

This topic is a Valentine's Day freebie. I thought I'd share some favorite books and also some favorite OTP's/ crushes. Oh and until recently I had no idea what an OTP was...   
 In no particular order...  

Letters from Skye

This is a love story told in letters and set during the First World War as well as WWII. Elspeth is a poet living on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and receives a fan letter from David in America. They start a correspondence that spans years and eventually fall in love- we also meet her daughter Margaret years later who discovers a cache of old letters, the letters from David to her mom. The letters provide a clue as to where her mother has gone, as she has recently disappeared. This was a great story (and a debut novel) and was also one of my first reviews- I met the author maybe a week or two after starting my blog.  

Here's an excerpt. 

"As Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day, right at the stroke of midnight, step outside and tilt your face up at the moon. Taste the snowflakes on your lips and imagine they are my lips touching yours. I will step outside at exactly the same time. I promise. No matter if I'm still in Paris or somewhere else in France, I'll close my eyes and imagine the same." 

Eight Hundred Grapes

Eight Hundred Grapes would make a good Valentine's read. It's got a bit of romance and is one of those "what do I do with my life" books? There's a bit of angst and soul searching as Georgie has to come to terms with changes she didn't see coming- but it's a feel good book and I enjoyed it. 


I shook my head and whispered at Bobby, "Tell him I'm not here." 
"Sure," Bobby said. "She's right here." 
He handed the phone over. 

Murder in the Paperback Parlor

I'd recommend this one as a Valentine's read since it takes place on Valentine's Day. At a book resort that is having a Valentine's event. A resort with several libraries, including a secret one with priceless literary artifacts. What's not to like? 

One of my favorite films. 

Another favorite movie... and since I like this movie so much, TWO clips. 

This movie is awesome. And Emily Blunt is great in this. 

Okay these are some of my favorite women on TV right now. We won't call them crushes... :) 

 Rachel Nichols of Continuum fame. Loved her as Kiera on that show, and will pretty much watch her in anything now. 

Kristen Connolly and Nora Arnezeder from Zoo. Love both their characters.   

I kinda have a thing for Anne Bonny on Black Sails. 

 And... here are some of my favorite couples. 

Barry Allen and Patty from Flash. I like them as a couple, and her character is a lot of fun. 

Steve Rogers and Emily VanCamp's character from Captain America. 


Cath and Levi make a pretty good couple. Although I liked Regan a lot... 

A Princess of Mars (Barsoom, #1)

John Carter and Dejah Thoris- they're kinda the power couple of my early reading years. 

Clexa or Bellarke? That is the question. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Cover Characteristics

Cover Characteristics is a meme by Sugar and Snark- every week a characteristic is selected and we post 5 books with that week's theme. 

This week  is Statues. 

Statues- an interesting topic this week. Statues would seem to run the gamut from commonplace to exotic, large or small- like the Maltese Falcon or the towering statues of Argonath in Middle Earth. Perhaps a smallish idol lost in the steaming jungle, in a crumbling temple lit by strange lights- guarded by the shadows and silences of a lost city- or by powers beyond human understanding. I always find it interesting to see where my picks come from- which genre, how hard I have to look, etc. Every week is so different.  

Another Nancy Drew cover, I like the rough seas and it sorta conveys a sense of danger. 

I'm assuming that's a statue he's standing on?  

Pulpy goodness- I never start with these but when I have trouble finding some I hit the pulps! And usually something turns up- in this case I have no idea what's going but statue so OK. And I do like the sense of a glittering cityscape behind them, through the windows.   

I kinda like Mystery of the Maya here. It looks fun and like a book I would have enjoyed as a kid. I did read some of these, they're not really that good but it's a neat idea. 

This one is kind of striking with the head in the sand and the white robed figures.  

After The Rain is a phenomenal cover- obviously very old but striking with the submerged State of Liberty and people on its crown, as well as the vintage speedboat! Obviously something bad has happened... 

This is a favorite just for the towering statues looming as they sail towards Rohan. 

This one might be my favorite, narrowly. It just has a certain look to it- and I have a fondness for some of these. I like her face juxtaposed with the tree, it just works.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sunday Post #128

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Well we're into February and springtime can't be far off. The week has been cold, rainy, and windy- with a little snow mixed in for good measure. It did warm up on and off though- and for the second time in two weeks a big storm passed by (this time to the north) so that was nice. And a thunderstorm actually rolled through- nice to have thunder in February! This week went by fast (like last week) but I did get a bit of reading in. 

I'm still continuing my Orphan Black binge. Can we talk about Alison a minute? I mean, is she a riot or what? Hard to believe the same actress plays all those roles. And I'm happy to report that episode 2 of The 100 was a big improvement over the premiere. It actually felt like The 100 and I feel like the show is back on track.  

This is great with Lindsey Stirling- and at the 4:28 mark- hilarious. 


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Sanctuary BayThe Immortals (Olympus Bound #1)


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Pages of Starlight reviews Illusive

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 Check out this cyberpunk take on Star Wars. 

Here's a peek at the explosive end of The 100 episode 2 last week. I guess Clarke and Lexa's relationship is going to need a little work. 

Okay some of my readers know I'm a huge Rachel Nichols fan after four seasons of Continuum, so here's a trailer for her new movie. Now I generally am not a fan of found footage type shows but I may see this just because of the actress- but then again, maybe not. Is it just me or has this,um, been done before? 

Here's a clip from Black Sails, one of my favorite shows right now. Warning for language.