Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sunday Post #157

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This week was more reading and less TV thanks to the Olympics being over. I'm on track with my reads and reviews so it's all good. I debuted my Tagline Tuesday feature this past week and am having fun with that- it's one more thing to fit into my schedule but I like a good tagline.  Other than that just dealing with end of summer stuff and trying to plan out the fall a bit. 

Summer is winding down and we're getting closer to autumn, which is a favorite time of year. I like the cooler nights, the turning leaves and the smell of bonfires. Pumpkins (and pumpkin spice latte), the red gold colors of a northern autumn, just everything about it. I'll miss the sun and the beach, and Bookstore Spotlight is one thing I didn't get to this summer, but maybe I can fit it in this fall.  

As I mentioned last week SciFi Month is returning in November. Hosted by Rinn Reads  it's a celebration of all things scifi. Reviews, discussions, movie reviews, even bingo. This is the 4th year running, and it happens in November. 

Vicarious (Vicarious, #1)Truly Madly Guilty

This is a pretty good Star Wars fan film. And the cinematography is amazing- probably the best part. I mean this looks like Hoth- and I love the shot at night with the starry sky. They filmed this in Canada on a glacier I believe. Check it out-- it has a pretty good twist too. For all the silly ones you see occasionally a good one like this pops up. 

And I'm listening to... 

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This is a bluff over by the lakeshore and is a pretty good place to hang out and just watch the waves. 

A view from the bluffs at Sleeping Bear Dunes- it's about 450 feet more or less straight down to the water. 

This is actually way out in the water- you can't tell but there's a little spit of land (every year the water level is different) and at the very end is this pile of rocks. A nice place to hang out- very peaceful there, the water is amazingly shallow and the wind ruffling the waves, boats in the distance- very nice. 

Same area. 



The Wanderers (The Wanderers, #1)


A nice Lindsey Stirling video.


This is a peek at the Star Wars Rogue One YA novel 


 Have you heard about No Man's Sky? It lets you explore literally zillions of planets in a wide open universe. Here's a look.  

Here's a video showing how the gameplay works.

A deleted scene from Captain America Civil War.

Here's a fun interview with two of the stars of Dark Matter. 

Curious about Euron Greyjoy? There's a whole set of videos that explore the various characters. 

Want to hear a sample chapter from The Winds of Winter? Here you go. This chapter concerns Euron Greyjoy so I thought I'd present it along with the video above.  

Here's another reading of a sample chapter from the Winds of winter. 

Treasure Island  You kinda have to see the large version of this to appreciate it. 

Winged Deity by Kipine