Friday, August 7, 2020

Sunday Post #362


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So this week the new Blogger changes took effect on my blog. I logged in one day and there it was- the new interface. Fun! To be honest, I don't really mind it though? Which, frankly, surprises me. Last week I talked about this a little bit and asked for suggestions on switching to Wordpress, and I appreciate all the suggestions and advice! I may still switch at some point (let's face it, I've considered it for years) but for now I think I'm okay? I was expecting new Blogger to be a disaster, and honestly I did just have an issue editing an older post, but generally I think I'm okay so far. 

In other news I started season three of The Rain on Netflix and so far so good! 


Songs from the DeepGood Girls Lie

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Here's a new HU's in the Kitchen.    

The walking tours continue! This one is amazing and is Positano in Italy. Some amazing views and I love the segment at 7 minutes in when there's an enclosed area with vines overhead.