Friday, July 31, 2020

Sunday Post #361


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Hey there! How is everyone this week? I'm writing this up on Friday night (I really should rename this post since it always goes up before Sunday) and the main thing for me is- what to do about the blog? As those of you on Blogger know there is a new Blogger template taking effect, and while they say the existing interface will still be optionally available, there is understandably some skepticism about that. So- do I switch to Wordpress? Stick with Blogger and try to adapt? Questions...

Does anyone have suggestions for a good hosting service or someone who switches blogs over? I'm not much for coding, I just want to write stuff, so the nuts and bolts of it is not my strength. 

I decided to share a few more pics from vacation. Hope everyone is well and enjoy! 


This next one is how the bay looked when we arrived- very rough. 

This is near a lighthouse out on the Old Mission Peninsula.

This was neat- Brys Estate & Winery built a Secret Garden of lavender. Neat place. 


Songs from the Deep

Song of the week

PULP COVER OF THE WEEK: Cats Prowl at Night Vintage Pulp Novel Cover Retro Art ...


Good Girls Lie


Here's a peek at the Secret Garden.   

Here's another Tokyo walking tour and this one has shrines located all throughout the walk- I thought this was really interesting!