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Writing prompts:

By day the hum of insects and the chattering of monkeys were ever- present, although if one were quiet she might hear the sound of dislodged pebbles, or see a shadow darting through the ruins, almost as if she were being followed. At night however the city truly came alive, with strange lights in the high towers, and the occasional sound of chanting punctuated by blood- curdling shrieks. 

Inspired by the lost city of Opar in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Also a visual inspiration here.

The rain began to fall as they faced the cavernous entrance. The entry hall was dim, but they could see torches flaring and hear the sounds of revelry. This ancient structure had been many things in its time- a monastery, a fortress, even a refuge for outlaws. Large parts of it were abandoned, the echoing halls a testament to the skill of long- dead builders. Some enterprising soul, however, had endeavored to bring light from darkness, and the tavern just off the entry hall was born. 

Drunken revelers and abandoned, shadow- haunted halls didn't always mix though. No one knew where the great gateway to the caves beneath ultimately led, but many set forth to find out. Some of them even returned. 

Inspired by this image.

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