Monday, September 19, 2016

Cover Characteristics Caves

Cover Characteristics is a meme by Sugar and Snark- every week a characteristic is selected and we post 5 books with that week's theme.   

This week's pick-   Caves

Who doesn't like a good cave? Caves are places of mystery, a secret place where anything can be found- treasure perhaps or darker secrets. Smugglers, cultists or even a dragons lair? I thought caves would be a fun topic- and I was surprised how tough it was! I mean I found some covers with caves on them, but they were't all suitable for what I was looking for. So this one took a bit but I'm pretty happy how it came out. So take a look and let me know- which is YOUR favorite cave? 

Dragonsdawn (Pern, #9)Image result for secret of the cavesImage result for fire sea cover artThe HobbitThe Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children, #6)Image result for dragon magazine 50Image result for books with cave coverReturn to the Cave of Time (Choose Your Own Adventure, #50) 

Dragonsdawn (Pern, #9)

A nice cover that does not do justice to the full art. I like this one because it almost has an autumn feel, at least to me- maybe because the trees are bare? 

Image result for dragonsdawn art

Image result for fire sea cover art

One of the better dragon covers out there. 

Image result for the fire sea cover art

The Hobbit

Does a hobbit hole count as a cave? Somehow I don't think so, but I'm going with it. 

The Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children, #6)

This seemed obvious. 

Image result for dragon magazine 50

Dragons and treasure...

Image result for books with cave cover

Why is there no cave on the cover??????

Return to the Cave of Time (Choose Your Own Adventure, #50)

Finally a cave!

And for a cave bonus... 


  1. Caes are definitely a fun topic! You're right, that first one really misses out on the beauty of the full art. I think the dragon is my favorite though :)

  2. My favorite is The Land of Painted Caves, the colors really pop on it and the view is pretty amazing.
    I feel like a Hobbit Hole is a type of's a just a really nice, furnished cave.

  3. I love the Choose Your Own Adventure covers! Out of Print has a tshirt with one and it's my favorite. The Hardy Boy cover is a pretty close 2nd though! Great topic!

    1. I like those too. Those books were awesome if silly. And looking at them inspired next week's CC post- I can't wait!

  4. Wow. Cool theme. Caves. I am not sure if I've ever thought of caves in literature or on covers.
    My TTT Audiobook Hopefuls

    1. Thanks for stopping! I had fun with this one. :)

  5. Idk why, but "Who doesn't like a good cave?" just really cracked me up. Maybe because I'm not sure I'm all that fond of caves in real life? Lol. I've actually been on some cave tours, when I was younger. I remember in one of them they turned the lights off for a moment, and it was literally the blackest black I've ever been in, you couldn't even see your hand an inch in front of your face. Crazy stuff. But anyway...

    Maybe I would explore caves more often if I could find baby dragons in them like that first cover lol. I like that one. They're so cute! I especially like the little green one on the rock.

    The Land of Painted Caves is nice too. And oh man, I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid! I probably read those lol.

    1. Caves are great! Although I don't think I've ever been on a tour... but I've seen those shows where they go way down there and find all these passages... anyway yeah caves plus dragons (preferably small) is a win. I like that one too- the little green one and the two blue ones I'm fond of too.

      The Land of Painted Caves is nice. I like that she's looking out and you get the sense that the cave is quite large, and the landscape is beautiful. And if you like the Choose Your Own adventure covers, you'll like next week's post! Ha ha

  6. The Dragonsdawn one is my favorite. The full artwork is gorgeous!

  7. I used to love the Choose Your Own Adventure books! I like the over of The Land of Painted Caves, with her primitive clothing and the wolf beside her. I have Auel's Earth Children series on my TBR mountain.

  8. I really like the cover for Fire Sea. I think it's my favorite in the ones you picked.