Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Round Up #2

2020! This episode, Lullaby, starts on a heartbreaking note as we see Jones singing to her dead daughter, who has apparently just flatlined. It's very eerie in a quarantine facility and the lullaby is playing in the background. And then Cassie shows up- to shoot Jones! This episode explores the theme of children- missing- as we then see Ramse and are reminded that his son, too , is missing. Jones, predictably, blames herself for everything and sees the solution as sending Cassie back to 2020- to kill  her! If she's dead them time travel is never invented and nothing comes to pass, all the chaos is erased.

"You don't get to decide it's over just because you've given up hope," Cole tells her. And so Cole goes back to stop her- and in true 12 Monkeys fashion, it gets trippy. Cassie actually does shoot Jones but then everything starts over- only this time they discover Jennifer is there as well. She's a riot as always- like the secret weapon on this show.

"So welcome to 2020. That number usually represents perfect vision, but it looks like you two aren't seeing too clearly. Heard you were a busy girl. Voices say you blew poor old Jonesy away, and then they say you didn't."

So yeah time reset after Cassie shot Jones- but Jennifer's the only one who sense it. And then everything goes to shit- and poor Jones has to get shot twice!

"Maybe time won't let you kill Jones," Jennifer tells Cole. Hmm, maybe not.

And... Cole finally told Cassie how he feels about her.

This episode was fun, as they always are. One of the best shows on.

Episode eight, The Redesign of Natural Objects, deals with Alison's dilemma- does she give up Sarah's location to save Donnie's life? Donnie is in prison after being arrested last week, and Duko is putting the squeeze on Alison to get at Sarah. And Siobhan wants to kill Duko as revenge for Kendall. It's a pretty effective episode, a little on the dark side, and we get some forward movement as Cosima heads to the island to work with Susan Duncan and, gulp, Rachel. That should be interesting. And what's up with the swan visions that Rachel is having? What's exactly going on with that new eye of hers?

The clone club manages to get the best of Duko and they free Donnie- and Siobhan gets her revenge. Good bye bad detective. Glad to see him gone, frankly.

Wayward Pines has changed. Season two starts with a new protagonist played by Jason Patric- he does a fine job- as Theo Yedlin, a doctor who is shanghaied to Wayward Pines from a vacation in Hawaii. As usual he is not told anything up front, so of course he stumbles around trying to figure things out. I think the show suffers from the setup that was established at the end of last season- Pilcher is dead, Ethan is dead, and the kids are now in charge. Which is stupid.

Ethan's son Ben is leading a resistance against the First Generation (a stupid name) but the FG themselves are so silly I didn't really care. The real shame here is Carla Gugino came back but then she kills herself after the rebellion is quashed. What a waste. Carla Gugino was one of the highlights of S1 and with her gone it doesn't bode well. She along with the depraved nurse Pam were great last time, and their absence means no one is really driving this show.


  1. I am still willing to give Wayward Pines another go, after two ok episodes. It definitely is not as good as the first season - I think the fact that the secret is out, there is no Matt Dillon and now no Carla Gugino, and that the kid running the place is an annoying brat all drag it down. But I have high hopes - it seems the Abbeys are evolving and I am looking forward to see where that goes.

    1. I'm about a week behind, I just watched Ep 2 last night. I didn't think it was bad, I'll definitely keep watching but I do think it suffers from losing a lot of the cast. And the First Generation thing doesn't impress me at all. :) But hey it's Wayward Pines!

  2. I met the author of the book Wayward Pines and have a signed copy. we watch the show too. I love Orphan Black and wasn't sure about 12 Monkeys