Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sunday Post #85

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This week has been good, a bit of reading and I've been binging on Mako Mermaids. We've had a bit of a warm up, what a difference a month makes. A few weeks ago we were freezing, now we're getting 50's and it's nice. Ready for the warm weather- it's about time! 
Like jazz? Here is dave Koz and friends playing a classic. Great stuff! 


Jenna over at Rathe Be Reading YA has a great recap of The Mystery Off Glen Road. Check it out, it's a lot of fun. 

Read Me Away talks about live reading updates. Do you do them?


  1. I don't do live reading updates, except for a book that I am reading very slowly over a matter of weeks, usually non fiction.

  2. Our weather is warming up here and I'm loving it. I had more than enough of cold! I don't do live reading updates because I'm bad enough at updating goodreads and the like when I actually finish a book much less as I'm reading!

  3. I share my thoughts and quotes from books I'm reading via goodreads and that shares to twitter and facebook.

    We had one day in the 50s then it was back to the 20s for us. We did hit 30s the past two days but we also got more snow last night and today. :(

  4. We are very warm here...80s all week. I think it will get hotter today. But that's the norm around here. Enjoy your week!

  5. Wish we would get a stretch of 50s...the prediction for the coming week is 40s--lower than the norm.

    My recap:

  6. The weather is uncertain here, it keeps changing its mind... Live updates ? I can't already update Goodreads as much as I'd love to, so, no. Enjoy your improving weather and please, send some our way ? ;)

  7. The nice weather has been definitely enjoyed. Not looking forward to the snowy mix that is forecasted for later this week. I don't do live updates.