Sunday, December 9, 2018

Vintage Science Fiction Covers II

One of my favorite things is book cover art- especially art that tells a story or has a sense of wonder. It's probably no surprise then that SF and fantasy covers are some of my favorites. I've decided to start a semi- regular feature where I showcase vintage or retro SF/F covers - some will be great, some will not be, but they'll all be retro! Do you like retro covers? Let me know which ones are your favorites- and enjoy! 

Secret of the Lost Race

Run Luke run!

Oddly enough this cover image seems to have been used multiple times for different books, as you can see below.    

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Related image

After The Rain

I love how there are people hanging from the Statue of Liberty.    

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth

There are so many covers for this book but I like this one. 

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Beyond The Silver Sky

Emsh, Beyond the Silver Sky by Kenneth Bulmer 1961.

Thuvia, Maid of Mars 

I love the larger version with the moons in the sky and the city in the background. 

Thuvia, Maid of Mars (Barsoom, #4)

The War Of The Worlds

Airmont Books, 1964, English    Graphical elements: Tripods    Courtesy of Don Erikson

The Caves of Steel

The Caves of Steel

Time For The Stars

Image result for heinlein time for the stars pinterest

Galactic Derelict

Galactic Derelict by Andre Norton. This is book 2 of the Time Traders series.

John Carter of Mars

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Spybot! (Perry Rhodan - English, #53)

As The Green Star Rises

As the Green Star Rises (Green Star, #4)


  1. Some of these I've never seen before and I love them!

  2. I’ve not see any of these before and I love them all! The artwork is outstanding!

    Jennifer Tar Heel Reader

  3. They look so old-timey! And look at the prices on the books!

  4. I love, love, love that War Of the Worlds cover! 👍✨

    So, both of those stories had one-eyed robots with claw hands in them? What a coincidence. 😆 plus, he has on a red shirt, so I'm sure he must have been the first to die. 😂

  5. I don't generally read older SF books so I don't come into contact with much of the retro covers. I do plan a read or reread of Jules Verne at some point. I can't actually remember if I read it as a kid!

  6. The War of the Worlds looks familiar, probably what I remember from my childhood. I love the Jules Verne cover too.

  7. After the Rain reminds me of some movie I watched with Dennis Quaid - I'm sure you know the title - my brain is dead this morning. Also, I want to be a badass and ride a shark!

  8. I love all of these! I started a Vintage Science Fiction board on Pinterest after seeing one of your other posts. The images on Pinterest are a lot of fun.

  9. I cannot pick a favourite!! Although After the Rain has a huge impact on the viewer.

  10. I'm not gonna lie, I love retro covers, but they vary rarely inspire me to read the book. Which is stupid because I have no problem reading old books (my favorite book was written in 1813!) So I don't know why retro covers don't appeal to my book reading side?

  11. Where do you find all these vintage covers? They're all so great! :)

  12. I like the look of Spybot the most.
    Beyond the Silver Sky is everything lol. I like how she/he's riding on a shark.
    After the Rain reminds me of that 2012 movie I believe that had the statue of liberty as the cover art as well.

  13. Why do I LOVE After the Rain so much? I have no idea but not only do I love it but I almost want to read this random old book, go figure. I also love that they couldn't even be bothered to alter the first image in ANY way bwhahah. Just slap it on a new book! These are fabulous- and impressive considering the time period!

  14. Retro covers are always so cool. I love the cover for After the Rain and also the one for The War of the Worlds. I think my mom actually had a copy with that cover back in the day, haha.

  15. That is weird how that first one was used for diff covers. The Statue of Liberty one is cool though. And I just love when people ride animals you don't usually ride, so that shark one is A+. I know there's another with people riding some flying things, but idk what those are, so idk, I don't like it as much lol.

  16. I've never seen any of these before. The amount of detail in some of these are very interesting! :)