Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Mutations 2

Romane flies into Salvador in Brazil undercover- looking for Elisa. Meanwhile Algapower is allied with the White Army- the white supremacist organization trying to regain power in the United States. Malik is in Mozambique and finds a dead end- and a dead body. Romane rescues Elisa and learns that she has been meeting with Oceana the mermaid. Malik tries to cut a deal with the dead guy's gangster buddie. He gets lucky and a clue leads to Tanzania. Romane and Elisa meet with Oceana and the dolphins- nice to see them interact- while Malik and Kruger are captured after having their plane shot down.

Renting a house by the sea makes it easier for Elisa and Romane to meet with the dolphins- and we get a look at what Algapower is doing in Tanzania. I really think the white supremacy angle is timely, given the political climate in the United States- and we get a secret base under ice on the border of Tanzania and Mozambique (some kind of cold event has frozen part of the land there). That's where Malik us being held. A search is being conducted by Romane to try and locate him, and she calls on an old friend with impressive resources. They find the crash location- and also notice sensors that tip them off to the secret base. And... she drops a bomb on the bad guys by telling them that the cetaceans will no longer be assisting the supremacists. She's bluffing a bit- there are two factions among the cetaceans- and it's not clear which will win out. Actually it is- and we get some poetic justice for the bad guys.

The epilogue is fun. Nice to see the mermaid with the dolphins. The mutation thing- the science of all these different animal groups mutating rapidly- is ridiculous, but there's a neat twist on the racism element. And that last panel!    


  1. I love those orcas on the cover. Are they in this one, too, or just the dolphins?

  2. That sounds different but I do love orca's.

  3. Uy es genial me encanto la imagen y el relato

  4. I seem to have missed your review of the first episode, better go hunt it now. The premise sounds like all kinds of madcap fun though.

  5. Sounds like a graphic novel I need to check out😁