Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Black Spot S1E8 The End Is Only The Beginning

Oh my gosh they found Marion's body! The crows led the major right to it in the swamp. Why do the crows happen to know everything going on? She has a fractured skull, and the weird part is she's not decomposed- why is that?? She's been unaccounted for for months. And it's almost like she was sleeping- did Wood God or whatever lurks in the woods disinter her so she'd be found? The crows certainly seemed to know...  

The swamp is so creepy. Honestly, this is a fabulous location- wherever they filmed it. 

Ooh we find out more. Leila does an autopsy and confirms Marion died months ago, but apparently the bog conditions kept her body from decomposing. And she says corpses have been found that way for centuries in northern Europe- another foreshadowing. Celtic sacrifices... 

Lauréne shoots Bertrand??? 

How did Bertrand know about the scarf? 

Chem testing reveals environmental pollutants on the remains of the animals found in the swamp too. Is nature fighting back- or is the woods creature rebelling against pollution, or the despoiling of natural areas? 

Marion stole data from her dad. Siriani gets help from Sabine and finds out who Bertrand met with- a recycling group and then we get the most shocking moment on the show. Camille shoots- yes, shoots- Lauréne. I never saw that coming... 


Oh my gosh multiple shots plus rolling her down a fucking hill. Cora meanwhile tells Camille about the USB drive and oh my gosh is Camille gonna kill her also? 

No wonder the crows are always around Camille. 

Wood God or whatever he is is looking at Lauréne. 

The swamp. Crows are there naturally. Cora finds the USB drive, and Camille is about to shoot her, but... this is badass, the birds begin swirling around. Turns out Camille killed Marion! And the older Steiner had hired Cam to find out who was the mole in the clan- turns out it was his own granddaughter. 

The sad part is the vote to open the waste storage site runs counter to what Marion would've wanted. 

The birds attack Camille when she tries to off Cora. And Lauréne- takes a breath.