Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Cosmic Concepts

Cosmic Concepts is an ongoing feature where I will take a look at various cosmic ideas from different media- it could be books, movies, comics, you name it. The sole purpose being to shine a light on the idea, maybe provide some background or just engender some discussion. There are so many great ideas in the fantasy/ science fiction genres and this will be a hopefully fun way to appreciate them more. And as always, let me know what you think. 

For this first installment I want to focus on cosmic ideas from Marvel comics. Who would have thought years ago when the cosmic stories were being written- and sold in 7-11's and on newsstands- that some of the biggest movies in the world would be based on those very stories? 

So let's take a look at some ideas from the cosmic world of Marvel.  

1) Homeworld 

I love the description of this place 

"Homeworld: located light years from Earth in the constellation Hercules! Homeworld: the birthplace and control center of the galactic Universal Church of Truth, conqueror of a thousand worlds!" 

Is that just dripping with atmosphere or what?  

Image result for warlock homeworld

2) The Acanti 

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The Acanti are a race of creatures who roam space in search of knowledge. They are peaceful creatures with a gentle nature, and are led by a Prophet- singer that embodies the racial soul of all Acanti. When a Prophet- singer dies it descends into the heart of a star and the racial soul is reborn in a new leader. They sing to the stars much as the great whales serenade the deeps of Earth. It's a beautiful idea if you ask me. 

3) The Savage Land

• A day in the life of the Avengers…in the Savage Land.
• The boys go hunting for dinosaurs... 

The Savage Land is a prehistoric enclave nestled deep in Antarctica, kept warm and tropical by ancient machinery that alter the climate. It's home to many creatures including (of course) dinosaurs. The Savage Land was created ages ago by beings from space as a game preserve, or perhaps as an incubator for genetically modified creatures- accounts differ. It was abandoned but the self- maintaining climate technology has sustained the environment ever since. 

A paradise in Antarctica full of dinosaurs? Yes please.  

4) The Soul Gem

Image result for warlock soul gem

The Soul Gem was a vampiric jewel given to Adam Warlock. It was alive in its own way and Warlock described himself as a "psychic vampire" with the jewel having bonded to him. He would later come to dwell in Soulworld, a place of peace and harmony within the Gem.  

5) Titan

Captain Marvel (1968-1979) #59

The moon of Saturn and home to an offshoot of the Eternals, Titan contains a hidden world underneath the surface. The atmosphere and life support systems are maintained by ISAAC, an autonomous artificial intelligence that runs everything.   

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6) The Blue Area of the Moon

The Blue Area of the moon is an ancient ruined city built ages ago with a breathable atmosphere 

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7) The Watcher's house 

The Watcher's home is located near the Blue Area

Image result for the watcher's house blue area of the moon

7) The Nexus of all Realities

The Nexus of All Realities is a transdimensional portal located in the Florida Everglades. It affords access to all realities anywhere and has been guarded at times by Jennifer Kale, who is herself a descendant of the ancient Cult of Zhered-Na, dating back to the days of Atlantis.

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8) The Dark Dimension 

Another extradimensional place of wonder, ruled over (usually) by the dread Dormammu. Love that name by the way. Dormammu is a big Dr. Strange villain, and his sister Umar the Unspeakable is as badass as he is. The cool thing about the Dark Dimension is how odd it is- the visuals are loopy and the laws of physics clearly do not apply.

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  1. I love the concept of this feature, Greg! It's original, and reading about some of the ideas from the cosmic world of Marvel was sure interesting. I should also let you know that I cracked up when you said "A paradise in Antarctica full of dinosaurs? Yes please." because that was my exact reaction as well, LOL! Thanks for such an intriguing post to read :)

  2. The Savage Land does intrigue me, too! The idea of dinosaurs in Antarctica blows me away, actually. Cool concept! :)

  3. Captain Marvel is the only one I've heard of. I don't read comics but I do like the movies made from them.

  4. Ok I'm attempting to comment entirely using my screen reader, so excuse any typos or misspellings lol. These are definitely cosmis, and interesting! The Savage Lands are such a cool idea, a game preserve for long extinct animals, and in the middle of Antarctica(?). The nexus would be super cool, though also concerning because can you imagine if something went wrong and beings from all different dimensions just started crossing to others? Cool stuff though!

  5. This is such a cool feature and all of these places definitely look interesting! The Blue Area of the Moon is definitely one I'd love to know more about!

  6. great post. i do love the idea of dinosaurs in antarctica.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. I watched a special last night on the HE-Man universe and they said basically ANYTHING went. They just threw it all in there so that's kind of fun that you can have all these strange worlds when it comes to comics.

    Karen @ For What It's worth

  8. That's wild that one of them is located in the Everglades.

  9. I'm watching Riverdale too, but I'm not quite caught up. I've been preoccupied with The Night Shift and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. :) Who knew, indeed. Some of the more out there concepts in the Marvel Universe seem to not have made it into the movies. :D I never read the comics though, so it's interesting.

  10. well of course my fav is The Dark Dimension! Any place where the rules of physic don't apply and there is a badass "Umar the Unspeakable" sounds great!