Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Arctica Vol. 7

Arctica Vol. 7: The Cosmic Messenger

Arctica Vol. 7 takes us to the south of France as we move on to the next phase of the story. Lulha has learned that the aliens who came to Earth ten thousand years ago scuttled their ship when they decided to stay- but they left a message aboard the ship in a waterproof room. The ship is at the bottom of the Ionian Sea and Lulha, Dakota and Mimsy are planning to find it. Unfortunately, as revealed last time, they are being monitored by the CIA. The CIA is using a dragonfly drone to track them and now knows what they're planning. 

They're near Marseilles and Dakota knows a guy- doesn't he always- who can help them salvage the ship. Or the message at least. Oh and Lulhas's bird takes out the dragonfly drone. Lulha apparently noticed it. The CIA, no longer having eyes on them, sends some agents to nab the girl. Sadly for them the CIA contact for the masked council notifies the council and the CIA agents are neutralized. Not that the masked people have their shit together- they have to break down and call in an ally to help out. Yes the Doge is revealed to be part of their network.   

Anyways Dakota and crew find the ship and the message- but the container requires solar power to open it. So they surface and are soon the guests of the Russians, who have now become involved along with everyone else. I guess the CIA got outfoxed on this one. Our group at this point are sent to Siberia to a camp where they're to be detained while Russian scientists try to crack the alien message- and not surprisingly that doesn't last long when Mimsy takes exception to the camp commander demanding sexual favors. 

After dealing with that and killing a guard they're on the run again- but what is this Forbidden Zone that they flee into- and why are the Russians afraid of it? I guess we find out next issue! 

This series has been action packed all along but with them being sent to Siberia it almost gets out of hand at this point. It's like a Bond movie- each situation gets nuttier. Still it's fun and I can't wait to see what happens in the Forbidden Zone!  


  1. These really do sound like something I could get into. 👍✨

  2. I have to pick up my graphic novel reading again. I was doing so good but then I trailed off lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  3. A dragonfly drone! I love SciFi tales with little bugs like that! And.. wtg Mimsy! You showed that camp commander! This series really sounds action packed!

  4. Nutty but fun can definitely work. It does sound like it has a lot of action!

  5. Here's the thing, I watch sci-fi but I don't read much sci-fi books. However, this genre seems to works in graphic novels for me, and since you said it's action packed, I'll keep this one into consideration :)

  6. Oooh, now you have me curious about the Forbidden Zone, especially since the Russians are scared of it. This does sound like a Bond film!