Friday, July 8, 2016

Bookcover Spotlight #56

This is a classic Peanuts compilation- I had this as a kid and I think I still have it somewhere (I think the dust cover is long gone) but these are so fun- you can just get them out and read them anytime, and they're a window on another world. No adults just the timeless exploits of some kids in a neighborhood.

Bonus- I thought I'd include a cover gallery of some of the Peanuts Parade books. These are kinda fun and I had one of these as well... but most of these I haven't seen.

What's Wrong with Being Crabby? (Peanuts Parade)


  1. If I had more money I think I would collect ALL the Peanuts books! It's like you said: they're like a window into another world and I enjoy the Peanuts world very much :) Growing up with the gang would have been a blast - though I would have been nicer to poor Charlie...

  2. I love Snoopy, he is never on tv over here enough. When I was growing up I collected the Garfield books which my kids have now stolen from me!

  3. I had a similar compilation like the one in the first pic when I was growing up and still have it on my shelf. The dust jacket is like half gone with age and from being read a lot, lol.

    I hadn't seen the Peanuts Parade books before; love the titles of these, especially What's Wrong with Being Crabby? Nothing wrong with it at all, Lucy, lol.

  4. I loved The Peanuts but I don't think I owned any of the books. I did however have a puzzle that my sister and I enjoyed putting together :)

  5. Those parade books look fun with how each of them has a different illustration and color, but are still similar as well.

  6. Peanuts was such a big part of growing up for me with the Sunday comics and the television specials. I did not know there were books though. I feel deprived now. Ha ha. Thanks for memories!