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A Dance with Dragons The Discarded Knight

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

This week we look in on Barristan who is adjusting to life in Meereen without Dany, and then we see what Quentyn and his Dornish companions are up to. So this week is all Meereen. Chaos reigns in the city, the pale mare sickness is running rampant and plots are in motion- and Ser Barristan is in a perilous place. Quentyn meanwhile has a plot of his own- a rather daring one at that and things are about to come to a head in the city of slavers.


Barristan is at court and sees the Martell party, and thinks they should not have come. Quentyn doesn't understand his danger. He thinks that Dany wants someone fiery and Quentyn is too dull.  Then the Wise Masters from Yunkai come, along with Bloodbeard, and the merc captain dumps a severed head before the king- the head of admiral Groleo. The Masters say they will keep the three remaining hostages until the dragons are destroyed.

Barristan advises the Dornishmen to leave, but Quentyn resists.


It's interesting to see things from Barristan's perspective- he thinks Quentyn and the Martells may be scapegoated for Dany's disappearance or death and thinks they should leave post haste, and he's a little frustrated they're still there. They don't understand the danger they're in. He also thinks he'd like a crack at Bloodbeard and mainly this chapter serves as a window onto the state of things post- Dany. 


Quentyn sets up a meeting with the Tattered Prince. He has a plan- a pretty audacious plan actually. Ser Drinkwater is skeptical. "We should be heeding Selmy. When Barristan the Bold tells you to run, a wise man laces up his boots." But Quentyn persists and Tatters is not too happt with him after they deserted and lied to him. Quentyn wants to hire the Windblown to steal a dragon, and offers to pay double what the Yunkishmen are paying the mercenaries. Tatters says he wants something else... Pentos. 


This is an interesting chapter where we see Quentyn's next move. He thinks about the disappointment, and yes scorn, he would find back in Dorne if he returns empty handed. This may be pushing him into a foolish action as with Dany now married he thinks the goal is no longer to get her, but to get the dragons. I also think this is an example of the story getting a bit bloated- while I find the mercenaries interesting, the last thing we need is another plot, and Tatters wanting to take Pentos seems like a lot. Not that it will happen, but still.

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  1. Is this part of the GoT series, Greg? I own the first few books in that, but I can't seem to find the motivation to start them. I also haven't watched the TV series so I'm way, way behind...
    I hope you're having a fantastic week.
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