Wednesday, April 20, 2016

12 Monkeys S2x01

The first episode of 12 Monkeys season two starts with a bang. Ramse is on the run in Budapest being pursued by Olivia and her cronies- they catch him but it's a ploy, Cole sets off some exlosives and they have a standoff with Olivia. But she has reinforcements on the way so they have to jump off a bridge to escape. Solid beginning, with awesome shots of Budapest.

I like what they're doing here- shaking things up. Cole and Ramse are working together again while Cassie is in the future. Olivia puts a man on Jennifer to watch her, and Ramse tells Cole the 12 Monkeys will always be a step ahead because of the Witness. We see that the two of them are still not eye to eye. So things are touch and go with these two. They're trying to figure out how the 12 keep finding them, and realize that Ramse must have a tracking device implanted in him. Cole heads off to find a guy Ramse knows who can get it out.

We head off to 2043 and Cassie wakes up, and Katarina is there. Cassie tells her that Ramse was working for the 12 and they discuss Cassie shooting Ramse. "Grieving over who we were only gets in the way of who we need to become" Katarina says. Deacon comes and introduces himself to Cassie, and takes Katarina to see the 12. The hooded dudes are sending one of their own back and make Katarina start the machine- but she sabotages the jump and their guy gets... fried is one way to put it. Literally burned up and torn apart. Then she laughs and says Who's next?" Awesome- I am starting to really like her.

The 12 are of course infuriated, and when she refuses to unlock the system to try and undo it, the leader is about to kill Cassie. But their tech guy figures out the encryption, Cassie is spared, and they succeed in sending someone back. Cole meanwhile tracks down Dr. Kalman and gets him to help Ramse. Deacon takes Cassie and she notices he is sick. She appeals to him to help her stop the 12 and tells him she can get him medicine. He of course declines but we know where this is going- Deacon is going to join the side of the angels, I have no doubt.

Kalman gets the tracker out, but surprise he injected Ramse with something that paralyzes him and says he intends to turn Ramse over. The virus is due to be released in days, at the Chinese New Year, in Manhattan. He then tries to kill Cole but Cole offs him instead, and when Cole asks Ramse if Kalman said anything, Ramse says... "nothing". So that's how it's going to be. Deacon apparently has decided quickly he wants to be well, so he and Cassie break her out by killing her guard.

Cole and Ramse are going their separate ways, and Ramse tells Cole it's New York. The 12 are using Jennifer to unleash the virus. So... off they go. Partners still... and in NYC we find Jennifer at a speed dating site and it's obvious she's still not right. She has the virus with her! Yay. Deacon and crew are sweeping the complex and the 12 are sending more people back, so they overload the equipment and take out the 12 (or the ones that are left). Looks like D's in charge now. The machine is toast but Katarina will rebuild...

Chinese New Year! Cole and Ramse are in Chinatown and trying to find Jennifer. Cole of course finds her and like an idiot, calls her name instead of just going up and grabbing her. She wants him to shoot but he doesn't, and then the 12's people show up. Standoff! Looks like Cole is done- but who comes to the rescue? Cassie. She shoots the bad guys (and Jennifer is cracking up as she does- love her!) and then reveals that her and Katarina figured things out in 2044 and she's here to stop Jennifer.  And that's how we end- Cole and Cassie pointing guns at each other.


  1. Have been looking forward to this show coming back. Now I just have to find time to watch it.

    1. Me too. I like it and I'm really curious where they're going to go this season.