Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The 100 3x08

This week we have episode 8- Terms and Conditions. Bellamy and Pike are advised that a recon patrol hasn't made it back- they encountered grounders. This one's on you Pike. Two riders come to warn the Skycrew about the blockade, and to deliver what's left of the recon patrol. They want Pike, to atone for the massacred Grounders. Of course they're not getting them- but then Bellamy shoots both messengers. Wha????? Am I the only one who cries foul here? Yeah Bellamy's going to be pissed- but I never thought Bellamy would out- radical Pike.

So then they're talking strategy and they decide to start rationing food, since they can't send hunting parties out. Pike doesn't want to engage the grounders until they deal with Kane, so he tells Bell to restrict access to the prisoners, and wants to keep the whole camp under surveillance. He knows info is getting to Kane somehow, and he's right as Kane is listening at that moment! Along with Harper (she needs to do more) and that other guy. Pike wants Kane and his people caught, and Kane says we can play that too. Quote of the day:

"Or we could just shock-lash Pike's fascist ass and hand him to the Grounders." 

That's from Harper. I am now officially in love with Harper. Full stop.

Kane says they're not there yet (yes you are Kane) and the other guy (what's his name?) says maybe they need to be. Brass tacks people. Meanwhile asshole alpha (aka Jaha) is telling Raven they need to make ALIE stronger. Pike confiscated their chipmaker so Jaha says we need it back. Who would be crazy enough to try that? Well... there's ole Jasper being an ass cause he can't get alcohol. Cha- ching!

Kane talks to Pike and they disagree of course- Pike isn't backing down. Raven recruits Jasper to break into Pike's office- only thing is, he needs to deal with security. Jasper says he's in. Kane meanwhile meets with Harper and the other guy and they listen to Pike again talking about how they don't have enough bullets. Maybe he should have thought of that before he started a war? But wait... he's talking about an attack but it's for Kane's benefit they found the listening device...

Kane falls for it and wants to disable the Rover. Sinclair is with him but Monty and Bellamy are watching - Sinclair gets arrested but doesn't talk. We have some silly drama where the writers want us to think for a minute that Pike might shoot him- but even Pike's not that bad. They lock him up, while Raven and Jasper are trying to think of Monty's password. ALIE is coaching Raven, and they crack it. Jasper wants a chip (no you don't Jasper, you just don't know it). Sinclair is thrown in lock up and has a message for Lincoln- get ready. Hey maybe Kane outsmarted Pike, eh?

Kane and Bellamy meet and neither convince the other (man it's all about intrigue this week, isn't it?) Then the shit goes down- Kane and Pike meet and Bellamy goes to get Sinclair's confession. We switch back and forth as the tension rises- Lincoln and Sinclair trick Bellamy into opening the cage, Kane shock- lashes Pike (yeah!) and there's an all-out battle at the lock up. Harper kicks some ass but Monty tips off Bellamy- Kane is taking Pike to the grounders. Yikes! Bellamy stops Kane- I thought they were going to pull it off. I almost wanted Kane to run Bellamy down at that point.

So... the aftermath. ALIE is lamenting that Raven was able to resist her, and Jaha says maybe he can do something about it. Someone shoot Jaha. Pike sentences Kane to die (I will enjoy it when Pike buys it in this show) and Bellamy has a crisis of conscience (really? A little late). He and Monty refuse to turn over Harper and Miller though when Monty's mom asks, so... I think this is it. Bellamy has had enough. He's going to draw the line at Kane getting executed, and I think he and Monty are going to turn.

Good episode. No Clarke or Octavia in this one, we see that ALIE is not invincible, and Bellamy is FINALLY seeing the light. Lincoln has spent half the season or more in lock up and... Where's Abby?


  1. Great recap. I almost hope that Kane meant to get caught as a means to show Bellamy that Pike is out of control. Pike is a great character to hate! That Raven could resist ALIE was great as I haven't been sold on the story line. I wondered where Abby is as well.

    1. You're right about Pike, as bad as he is he isn't nearly as bad as that Mt. Westher guy last year. Couldn't STAND him lol. Funny there was no Abby in this one...

  2. Love the recap you did! I haven't watched this show before but i see alot of hype about it on Twitter!
    After reading your recap, I might have to give this a shot soon! springbreak is right around the corner and no homework will give me some extra time!
    Also, great blog! this is my first time stopping by!
    Emily @

    1. Thank you! And welcome- I'm glad you stopped by. It is a fun show- I think you have to get past the first few episodes and then the show takes off. I hope you enjoy it if you watch- and enjoy spring break!

  3. I'm so glad Bellamy finally sees PIke it out of control. I hope he hatches up a plan to get rid of that stupid dictator. I want Clarke in the next episode, though.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

    1. I agree. And yeah i missed Clarke in this one.

  4. I have heard SO many people say that they wish Kane had run Bellamy down! I wish he'd kept going because Bellamy probably would have eventually moved out of the way so he DIDN'T die, but whatever. I see why Kane did what he did- because he IS trying to be reasonable. But Miller (that's the nameless dude hah) is right in that maybe they do have to play a little dirtier. BUt I do love that so far Kane has only used his MIND and not weapons. Looks like that's over though. Oh, and yes, Harper is the actual best!

    I LOVED that Jasper was able wake Raven up. That needed to happen. I am SO sick of ALIE and her dumb red dress and her dumb Jaha.

    I assumed no Clarke or Octavia because they were so heavily in the last episode- and it was an emotional one. Plus, they need time to make it back to Arkadia. (But really, the actors just probably need a few days off after the Lexa situation!)

    SO- who do you think is going to end up dead on the 31st? I am so scared! Fabulous recap, as always :)

    1. I was actually yelling at my TV- I got caught up in it and I was like WHY DID YOU STOP?? lol. Or maybe Bellamy would have jumped out of the way and then grabbed onto the Rover ha ha and gone for a ride. That would be fun! And yes, Harper for president.

      That ALIE storyline is so creepy now with the while AI thing that bonds to your nervous system or whatever. But yeah- ALIE is SO annoying. Shoot her and Jaha! And you're right- this episode was so tense Clarke and O being in it would have been too much. Better to give us a break from them.

      I'm not sure! Seeing Lincoln and Kane lined up like that- oh oh! I think Bellamy's going to stop it but is that too obvious? And Monty's mom- i don't think she's long either. Can't see ehr going forward...