Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunday Post #51

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This week has been interesting and busy. I was pretty much absent from the blogosphere all week, but this week should be better. I've had a few things going on, lots of traveling. My daughter went to strings camp and loved it. We had a wedding last night and had a great time- the rest of the weekend is wide open so that's kinda nice.

I did get some World Cup viewing in this week. France and the U.S. both advanced, the U.S. getting in by goal differential but... we'll take it. Next up is Belgium, and by all accounts a pretty good team. For all the marbles now... I hope everyone who's into the Cup is enjoying the tournament. I think it's been fabulous so far. 

I have my first COYER review this week, and a few more in the works.   


Review: Emilie and the Sky World
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Perry's Killer Playlist (Perry & Gobi, #2)


  Legacy of the Clockwork Key (The Secret Order, #1) The Originals 


Finley Jayne is revamping her reading system, and you can read about it here

Has anyone else noticed that the U.S. seems a lot more into the World Cup this year? I sure have... this essay takes a look at that and is a good read. The Day America Fell in Love With The World Cup. 


George RR Martin talked this week about the next Ice and Fire book. It's mostly stuff we already know, but there's a couple tidbits. But when is the book coming out? And has it really been three years since A Dance with Dragons? 

Check out Melanie's Muse and her Game of Thrones readalong- she is reading a Feast for crows and A Dance with Dragons and posting her thoughts as she goes. Great first post! 

Anya over At Starships and Dragonwings has a cool linky for fantasy/ SF reviews, giveaways and discussion posts. 


  1. Thanks for the shout out :)

    1. Hey you're welcome, liked your posts over there. :)

  2. Good review of Emilie and the Sky World, but it seems like the kind of book where you need to have read the first one to understand what is happening. Glad you are making a dent in your tbr pile with COYER. Enjoy the week.

    1. It's actually pretty easy to read as a standalone I think, although I would recommend reading the first one since the characters will be more familiar. Thanks for coming by Rita and I hope your week (and weekend) are going well!

  3. I am so excited that Avengers will be at Comic Con (could be because I should be seeing them there). Also.. I think soccer is boring, um is that sad? I love football and NASCAR.. and all that jazz. But soccer.. snore. Hollow Earth looks really cool to me!! I am going to check out your last Sunday Post since I was down and out with sickness.

  4. I'd love to get to Comic Con at some stage. We just went to the Australian equivalent called Supanova but it would be so cool to get to the real thing.
    Enjoy your new reads Greg and have a great week.
    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

  5. I love the covers of Jodi McIsaac, they remind me of where I come from :) The comics look good ! Have a great week ;)

  6. I am definitely cheering for Team USA on the CUP - I lived in US for a while so that always kind of makes me take a US side in different sporting events in Finland is not participating.
    Have a good week! :)

  7. I'm still really enjoying the World Cup, even though England is out. The country of my birth (Germany) is still in there somewhere. In our office sweepstake, I have picked Belgium - that's going to be an interesting game and I would love the US to advance as well, I think it's great that the interests is growing. Here in England the interest has gone down now unfortunately though everyone talked about the Suarz biting incident :)
    Peggy @ The Pegster Reads

  8. Haven't really been watching Soccer just can't get into it but my husband seems to enjoy it a bit. He was screaming at the TV the other day :) I think thats what you are suppose to do when watching Soccer Lol

    One day I will make it to a ComicCon my son really wants to go and I after 40 years still haven't gone. I think it would be fun to take the family.

    Hope you have an amazing week Greg! Happy Reading!!!

  9. Great haul, Greg. Looks like your summer reading is off to a great start!

    My recap:

  10. I've been really enjoying the World Cup but I've always really enjoyed soccer. I wish the US had advanced on a win but you're right - we'll take it! Looks like you got some interesting books! I love the covers for the McIsaac books and hope they live up to the covers!

  11. World Cup...not a fan. At all. Give me NFL football though and I'll watch. :) I've not been around the blogoshpere at all and have minimally hit my usually haunts, like FB. With the kids away the parents will play. And we have been. lol Hope your week is fantastic! :)

  12. Through the Door has a fabulous cover...and I'm glad you are enjoying World Cup...but not my cup of tea...LOL.

    Looks like you're making good progress on COYER....enjoy! And thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I like how the conversation with Rita inspired me to upload an old manuscript from my flash drive. I'm rereading it now, seeing if I can salvage something...LOL.

  13. I am going to read Legacy of the Clockwork Key next, I've had it forever seems like and it's time I go to it! The premise really has me curious.

    Good luck Netherlands! I was sorry the US didn't score, but I knew Germany was good. They came out hard and I was glad the US didn't give up more goals...

  14. I haven't watched any games but I did notice it was more present. Have a wonderful week Greg!

  15. Since my son moved back home for the summer (hopefully), we've caught his soccer fever. The Originals caught my attention. Enjoy the last weekend of June.

  16. I'm going to Comic Con so I hope I get to see The Avengers cast. If the article is correct on the date I probably won't since Saturday is usually when the True Blood panel is (and I have to see them one last time). Hopefully either one will change to a different date lol. It is nice to take a break from the blog and sounds like you had fun. Have a great week!

  17. I hadn't heard of The Originals, but it sounds really interesting. I hope to read it soon.

  18. You've been very busy! I hope you have a great week!

  19. At first I thought it was just me, but it really does seem like more people are watching and talking about the World Cup this year. Thanks for the link!

    Sounds like your week was super busy. Glad there's a long holiday weekend coming up so we can all catch up and then relax. Have a good one!

  20. I haven't gotten to Perry's Killer Playlist yet. How do you like it so far? You've got some good looking books coming up.

    I think the U.S. is getting into the World Cup, but if people stick with soccer afterwards...that's the question! I hope you have a great week, Greg!

  21. Whoa, look at those new arrivals. I'm thinking I should get back into reading the X-Men, In my copious spare time. :P

    I haven't been watching the Cup but it does seem to be generating more interest here in the US.

    have a good week :)

  22. No soccer or reading for me last week my new grandaughter got all my attention lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week and happy reading :)

  23. Legacy Of The ClockWork Key has my attention :)

  24. The Jodi McIssac books look beautiful! They are definitely going on my TBR. :)

  25. I haven't been struck by World Cup fever but I know what you mean. It has been sort of hard to avoid. What is COYER? I took a look at Finley Jayne's posts. She made some good points but that doesn't mean I'm discarding my GoodReads or LibraryThing lists. I'm trying to plan a way to read the books I already own.

    Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  26. Yes, I've definitely seen an uptick in people who are really into the World Cup this year. I will have to check out that article. Have a fantastic week!

  27. I like the Originals cover. I will have to check that one out. I haven't watched anything that has to do with the World Cup.. I'm actually not exactly sure what that even is..... ;)

    have a great week!

    My Sunday Post
    Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

  28. I noticed that more people are talking about The World Cup too. It seemed odd to me cause I don't even remember anything about it from the past. Happy reading this week!

  29. Sounds like you have loads going on in life. :) Wonderful to hear. :) Have a great week!

  30. Sounds like you've got a lot going on. I've been loving the world cup!
    Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Post
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages