Friday, August 30, 2019

Sunday Post #313

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As you probably know I love ambient stuff- music that sets a mood for writing or gaming or whatever. I post an Ambient of the Week every week on this very post (it's called Song of the Week but lately it's been ambient stuff) and this week I found two new websites that have very cool ambient music. Or ambient sounds. The first one is Nomadic Ambience and this one showcases stuff like walking through a thunderstorm in NYC- real world stuff.  

My favorite though might be Tabletop Audio. This guy's a composer and he also has a ton of soundscapes for gaming and really any creative activities. I've been listening to his Cyberpunk City and Busy Spaceport all week. The cool thing is they're all 10 minute ambiences- just enough to get a sense of somewhere else, but it doesn't go on forever. You can of course loop them or mix and match. His site also has Soundpad, where you can do that very thing- mix and match associated sounds. I've been playing around with the Steampunk one. 

So if you like ambience or fantasy soundscapes, or just the rain falling in NYC, give these a look.    


This past week I didn't post much- my Movies That Suck post never made it up. It'll be up this week.  

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