Monday, December 14, 2015

Iron Fist

Marvel Masterworks: Iron Fist, Vol. 2

Iron Fist is the story of Danny Rand, a young boy in the Himalayas with his parents and their business associate on a quest to find a city called K'un- Lun. The trip ends in tragedy when Meachum, the business associate, kills Danny's father and leaves him and his mother to die. They survive however, and eventually find a bridge over a chasm- but as they cross they are attacked by wolves. Danny's mother sacrifices herself so that Danny can make it, and when archers show up to kill the wolves, Danny is taken to K'un- Lun. 

There he is raised and taught martial arts, eventually faces the great dragon Shou- Lao and gains the power to harness his chi in such a way as to make his fist almost like iron- hence the name Iron Fist. K'un- Lun only appears on Earth every ten years, and when that convergence happens Danny leaves the mystical city to exact vengeance on Meachum. 

Once back in New York he soon find that the man he has hated for so long did not leave the Himalayas unscathed. Having lost his legs before getting out, Meachum has been waiting for Danny to return- and kill him. Danny declines to do so, only to be framed when someone else offs MEachum. From there, Danny will face death cults and ninjas and various other foes, meet several of the Avengers, and eventually settle into life as a partner in Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage. 

Netflix is developing a series for it.  

One of my favorite elements of the series are the supporting characters Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. Colleen is a martial artist and an all around badass, while Misty is a tough private investigator with a bionic arm. She also becomes Danny's love interest. Together Colleen and Misty form Nightwing Restorations (love that name), a private PI firm and they are more than capable of taking care of themselves without Luke and Danny's help. I'm hoping that Netflix will really play these two up, and really delve into Danny's supporting cast and backstory. 

Here's the guy playing Luke Cage- he's Danny's best friend in the books. 


  1. This sounds good. Comic writers really like the Himalayas. The one I just read featuring Dr. Strange had the character going on a spiritual quest/training there as well.

    1. I think you're right! I remember reading a Dr. Strange with him going there... I'm curious about the Dr. Strange movie and hope it's good!