Monday, July 15, 2013

Bookstore Spotlight- Horizon Books

Horizon Books in Traverse City MI is an independent bookstore with a long history in the area. They celebrated their 50 year anniversary last year and have long been an anchor in the vibrant downtown area.

The store has a main level as well as a downstairs cafe and a coffee bar. They're family owned and operated and are well known for their reading discussion and writers groups.

This is a neat time lapse photo montage of downtown Traverse City, it showcases both Horizon and the nearby State Theatre which is the home of the Traverse City Film Festival. You can see Horizon at the 3:37 mark, and the nighttime view at 3:50 is very cool. The video was taken in winter so it doesn't do justice to the beauty of the area in summertime, but its well worth checking out.

Horizon has been joined on Front St. by Brilliant Books, which opened in 2011. I enjoy Horizon and I've been going there forever, but Brilliant is nice as well and has a small town bookstore vibe. I can happily spend hours in either one. Traverse City has two great bookstores on Front St. and when on vacation in northern MI I always go to Horizon at least once.

Here is a article by Publishers Weekly regarding the bookstore scene in TC.

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